Health tip #3



Nutrition label DON’Ts
Start looking at the nutrition label when you buy food. Put away items that have more than 10-15 g of sugar per portion and high in salt. Remember limit your salt to 1 tea spoon per day and limit your sugar intake below 5 % of your total calories requirement. Try to avoid / limit drink and snack that contain sugar.


Be Realistic

be real
Set a realistic target weight.
5-10% or losing 2-4 kg a month is a great start. Being realistic about what you can and can’t do is key to a successful weight loss. It will keep you motivated and not overwhlemed. You will feel great when you cross that first milestone. No need to lose weight too fast as your skin elasticity also need time to catch up.

Diet tip #6


Diet tip #6
Empty stomach=Bad decisions
You are at a party and you start to feel hungry. You see the food menu or buffet and the burgers and fried noodles are starting to look extra tasty over the salad. Curb your appetite by eating fruit or other healthy snacks before going out to help make the healthier choice.


Diet tip #5


Diet tip #5
Small plate, small spoon
Remember our small plate tip? (Diet tip #2) Combine it with a smaller spoon! When you eat too fast, your fill meter haven’t caught up and you overeat! Take more bites out of your meals and slow down your intake with a small spoon.

Pictured: Quinoa, one of the many healthy foods that we use in your meals.